vIDEO services

We ensure every project is tailored to your business needs. Our video production services are thorough and ensures your business goals are met. We pride ourselves on our holistic, no-fluff approach.

We take complex topics and turn them into digestible videos with your key messages front and centre.

VIDEO services

Styles we do best

Whether it’s documentary videos, training videos that need logical progression, or unpredictable live events, your project will shine with our technical know-how.

Some of the most common video styles we produce include short documentary videos, training videos, live events and promotional videos for your brand.

photo of a video set up in a school

Documentary Video Services

These are story-driven pieces aimed at educating viewers about your organisation, missions and values.

On camera interviews lay the foundation of this video style, which is tied together with relevant overlay footage to deliver an engaging and memorable story. 

  • Story-first approach
  • Interview driven
  • Promote your cause
  • Share your impact
  • Human-interest pieces

Training & Education Video Services

Training videos can take on a wide variety of styles, whether it's on camera, via video conferencing (zoom), screen recorded with overlaid motion graphics or captured in an in-person training workshop.

KE Media can guide you on the best way to visually communicate your teachings to a wider audience.

  • Structure content with learning objectives
  • Reduce training costs
  • Consistent and flexible 
  • Enhance your E-learning platform
photo of a doctor preparing to shoot a safety training video
blurred out photo of reporters getting ready to film

Live Broadcasting

With professional live streaming capabilities, KE Media is able to broadcast your live event to a worldwide online audience. Save on expensive venue and catering costs by taking a hybrid approach to your live event.

  • Develop brand authenticity
  • Build trust
  • Extend event shelf-life
  • Showcase your purpose

Branding & Promotional Video Services

Whether its customer testimonials or a structured narrative piece, KE Media can help deliver your brands’ key messages in a clear and concise short video.

  • Leverage your social media platforms
  • Recruit the best talent
  • Improve SEO rankings
  • Showcase your brand identity
a photo of a two guys shooting an indie film

We got you covered.

KE Media is a full video production company and can take your project from start to finish. Our video services always include delivering a professional and polished video you can be proud of. 


Questions you might have

How long does it take to complete a project?

Turnaround times can vary depending on the script and if it's during the busy season. Once we determine the scope we can set a deadline that works best for you.

Can you shoot outside Vancouver?

Yes, we can arrange to shoot almost anywhere in Canada depending on scheduling.

How much involvement will be required?

You will be fully involved throughout the process and we rely on your feedback and knowledge of your business and services to create videos. Each video project is ideally a collaboration to ensure that your video aligns with your vision, goals and values. We would ideally work with you or a staff member to determine pre-production and filming logistics such as messaging, who to film interviews with and scheduling shoots with interviewees. If you need help with any of this we can bring in a project manager who can help sort some of these details.

Should I have a script prepared?

You are welcome to provide a script provided we can revise for audio/visual and storytelling considerations. Or we can help develop one with your feedback during the pre-production process.

Got a video project in mind?