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KE Media is a small video production company based in Vancouver, B.C. We specialize in videos for corporate and non-profit organizations.

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A good story means nothing if people don't stick around long enough to watch it to the end.

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With a background in broadcast technology and video journalism, Kaan Eraslan works with clients to deliver key messages in the most effective way possible. This often means getting straight to the point.

Using his experience in writing and video production, Kaan is able to break down long, complex topics into something that can be clearly understood within a matter of minutes or seconds.

Black and white portrait photo of business owner Kaan Eraslan

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Professional quality videos delivered on time and with no hidden agendas.

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Frequently ask questions

What does a full video production process involve?

A full video production process starts with a consultation before moving through 4 key phases. We start with the pre-production phase where we plan filming logistics and write out a video treatment with scripts and shot lists before moving into the production phase. This is where we film your project. We then move into the Post-production phase where everything is put together in editing. And finally, the revision phase is where we fine-tune the video based on your feedback.

How long does is take to complete a project?

Turnaround times can vary depending on the script and if it's during the busy season. Once we determine the scope we can set a deadline that works best for you.

How much does a video cost?

We price every video project individually depending on its own set of requirements and complexity. The most common factors that determine pricing are the length of the video, number of days required for filming, copyright costs for music and images, and addition of 2D motion graphics. During your free consultation, I will try to learn as much as I can about your project so that we can provide an accurate quote.

How do revisions work? What is the cost? What if I need more?

We do revisions in rounds. After we send you a first cut of the video, we collect all of the feedback from you and your team to make changes for the next cut, after which we go into the next round of revisions. Every project has two rounds of revisions included in the initial quoted price, unless additional rounds are requested for the quote.

If you end up needing more rounds at the end, there may be additional charges depending on the request. If there are a couple of leftover simple fixes like misspelled text or small errors on our part, the changes are free of charge. Additional rounds of revisions requiring story/script level changes and clip adjustments are subject to additional charges depending on complexity.

How much involvement will I have? Do I need to commit staff to the video production?

You will be fully involved throughout the process and we rely on your feedback and knowledge of your business and services to create videos. Each video project is ideally a collaboration to ensure that your video aligns with your vision, goals and values. We would ideally work with you or a staff member to determine pre-production and filming logistics such as messaging, who to film interviews with and scheduling shoots with interviewees. If you need help with any of this we can bring in a project manager who can help sort some of these details.

Can I use pre-existing footage?

Yes, if you have archived footage that you would like to use we can add it to your video.

Should I have a script prepared?

You are welcome to provide a script provided we can revise for audio/visual and storytelling considerations. Or we can help develop one with your feedback during the pre-production process.

Can you shoot outside of Vancouver?

Yes, we can arrange to shoot almost anywhere in Canada depending on scheduling.

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